If you thought the "W-word" was crazy yesterday (and it was; it flipped over a small airplane yesterday), expect it to continue today.

The official "US National Weather Service Riverton Wyoming" Facebook page stated of today's weather:

Much colder today behind an overnight cold front. Highs will be 15 to 30 degrees colder than Monday. Light snow across the state will be ending by this afternoon. Windy conditions pick up across central WY overnight tonight.

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Locally, the wind gust were recorded as high as 71 miles per hour on Wyoming Boulevard.

The cooler temperatures will most likely last throughout the day and into tomorrow, but temperatures are expected to be back up in the low 50's by Thursday.

If you haven't already, move those trash cans and doormats to safer positions for the next couple of days or they may come up missing, victims to the dreaded "W-word".

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