From an early age, adding hot sauce to food was a must for me. In college, getting the hottest wing sauce I could get was a must. Still today, there are multiple selections of hot sauce in my house.

According to a new 2022 survey from Instacart, the #1 hot sauce has actually been at #3 overall for the last few years. If you've gone to try and find the #1, it's likely that you aren't able to find it, it's sold out at many places. There are copy cat brands that have tried to grab onto the coattail of the popular brand, but all the imposters seem to come up a little short.

In many instances, Wyoming isn't on the same level or follow in the footsteps of other states, but this year, we agree with 31 other states.

Here's the #1 Favorite Hot Sauce in the state...and country.

Huy Fong Siracha

Hot Sauce 8 overall

The top sauce is made from sun ripened chilies that are pureed into a smooth paste. Siracha is different than other sauces on the list, because it contains sugar and is quite garlicy. The best part is that the spice is really nice and will go on/into just about any type of dish you're making.

Last years #1 in Wyoming was Cholula, which isn't known for heat as much as it's know for flavor.

I get it, we all have our favorites and if it's one that we come in contact with often, that's probably to one we'll choose as the go to choice for adding spice to our lives.

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