Eating spicy food isn't for everyone. For those of us that really enjoy it, it's the after effects that is the worst.

The watery eyes, burning tongue, flames in your stomach, heartburn and beyond, are all the horrible parts of eating those spicy foods.

I'm sure we all have the story about the time we thought we could tackle the hottest items on the menu and not feel the pain. Some of us are built better for attacking spicy foods.

One of the most common 'hot' food items that we try to tackle, are hot wings. Just like the ones we'll be eating at the 5th Annual Casper Shrine Club Wing Ding and chowing down on during football season.

Have you ever wondered why you experience the burn from some things worse than others?

Think about the burn you get from eating hot wings, jalapenos or other chili pepper based sauces. Long lasting with more intense after effects.

Now think of the burn you get from eating things like Wasabi, black pepper, radish or horseradish. Quick burning, nothing really lingering and we jump right back to it.

The burns are totally different.

The main difference is a chemical in the chili peppers called, capsaicin. When this chemical hits the nerves in your mouth, it sets off an alert in your body. That alert is telling your brain that your mouth has reached a temperature over 108 degrees and triggers the pain receptors.

The reason some people can handle the heat better than others, according to, is because some people either have less spice receptors in their mouths OR they've built up their spice tolerance.

If you've ever wondered the best way to take care of that burn and still be able to eat the spice you crave, here you go.

9 Ways To Cool The Afterburn Of Spicy Foods

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