In the wake of the speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in front of a joint session of the United States Congress on Tuesday, Townsquare Media's Brian Scott had a chance to visit with a person close to the speech and close to the Prime Minister.

Ron Dermer is the Israeli Ambassador to the United States and is considered one of the Prime Ministers closest advisors. The Ambassador commented on a number of topics including the speech to Congress,

The Prime Minister felt a very deep moral obligation to speak up at a critical time about an issue that could threaten the survival of Israel.

Dermer goes on to comment on the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran,

The P5+1 are making decisions that could threaten the very survival of Israel and we don't have a vote there.

On Israel's relationship with the United States,

We deeply value the support we have on both sides of the aisle in the United States, support for Israel has always been bi-partisan and we hope it can always be bi-partisan

The Ambassador also spoke about his role in getting the Prime Minister in front of Congress and the potential fall out from some of the tactics used,

I don't feel that it in any way compromises my ability to do my job for the State of Israel.

Ambassador Dermer also addresses the relationship of the Prime Minister and the Obama Administration pointing out the number of things that the administration and the U.S. has done for Israel including security, intelligence, and support at the U.N. Council. Dermer goes on to point out that there have been disagreements but the two have weathered those and built a stronger alliance.

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