It pays to be patient on the highway. 51 year old Randy Hill of Torrington, Wyoming was arrested Wednesday when he became impatient with an Air Force truck convoy traveling north on US 85. The incident began 28 miles northeast of Cheyenne at 9:40 in the morning.

Hill’s 18-wheeler came upon the rear of a slow moving convoy and he apparently didn’t want to wait on them. Hill tried to pass the convoy and began endangering oncoming southbound traffic. Air Force personnel tried to stop him, but Hill didn’t pay any attention. At one point, an Air Force vehicle was able to get in front of Hill and Hill drove his truck in to the rear end of the Air Force truck.

About 10 miles in to the incident, a Wyoming State Trooper was able to get behind Hill and get him stopped. He was taken in to custody by the trooper without incident. Mr. Hill was taken to the Laramie County Detention Center where the case has been referred to the Laramie District Attorney's Office. No injuries were reported and the convoy was able to proceed.