On Wednesday evening, an accusation of domestic abuse led to an hour long high speed chase up and down Campbell County.

Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds says that just after 6 P.M. the Sheriff’s Department got a call from the Gillette Police for assistance in a high speed pursuit.

A suspect, 25-year-old Jared Scott Haase, was accused of domestic assault by a victim who said after the assault, he jumped from her apartment balcony, and drove away in a 2009 sedan.

Sheriff Scott Metheny was patrolling in an unmarked car, when he spotted the suspect vehicle and notified police. Police officers arrived, turned on their lights and tried to stop Haase, but he took off southbound on highway 50.

He then turned northbound, and led police, and eventually Sheriff’s deputies, on a chase at speeds of 80-90 miles an hour in a 45 mile per hour zone.

At Lakeway Road, he then turned northbound again and at speeds of 70-90, he passed several vehicles on the left. As the highway intersected Southern Drive, the deputies deployed spike strips to stop Haase, and his right front tire was deflated.

He turned southbound again and reached speeds of 80-100 miles per hour. He traveled another 40 miles, when at mile post 44 more spikes were laid out.

This time both front tires went flat and he slowed considerably and eventually came to a stop near mile post 46. He got out peacefully and was arrested.

Reynolds says he is charged with the original assault, eluding authorities, no license, no insurance, reckless driving and passing in a no passing zone.

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