Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee says recounts conducted in two Republican legislative primary elections on Thursday showed a change of one vote in each but didn't change the outcome in either race.

In Tuesday's GOP primary for House District 41 the original count on Tuesday showed Bill Henderson defeating Patrick Fitzgerald by a single vote. Lee says in the recount Henderson picked up one vote, leaving him a two vote margin of victory over Fitzgerald.

Henderson will face Democrat Amy Simpson in November.

And in the Senate District 6 race, Anthony Bouchard picked up a vote in his race against Representative Dave Zwonitzer and ended up with with a five-vote margin of victory according to the recount

Since part of the district lies in Goshen County, Lee says a recount of the votes cast there was also conducted, but resulted in no change in vote the vote total.

Zwonitzer actually won in the Laramie County portion of the district, but Bouchard was able to pick up enough votes in Goshen County to emerge as the overall victor.

Even with Thursday's recount, the results are still unofficial until they are certified by the state canvassing board.