Governor Mark Gordon announced Wednesday that Wyoming has been working to offer support to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey as they try to secure the US-Mexican border.

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Governor Gordon's office stated that Governor Gordon, in collaboration with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, has been actively negotiating to deploy assets to assist these states in their ongoing efforts at the border. Both Abbot and Ducey have publicly requested assistance from other governors to help them.

“It is absolutely essential that our nation’s borders are secure,” Governor Gordon said. “Law-enforcement issues at the border and uncontrolled illegal immigration threaten every part of our nation, including Wyoming. It is clear that the Biden Administration is not addressing this problem with the level of seriousness it requires. Wyoming is ready and willing to provide support to address this critical issue.”

Gordon admitted that Wyoming has already offered "aerial assets valued up to $250,000" but it was decided those particular assets did not "match the needs" of the requested border mission. Because of this, The governor is continuing to explore ways Wyoming can offer assistance.

“I recognize the serious challenges these two Governors in particular, but all of us together, are facing because of the mismanagement of our border under President Biden,” Governor Gordon said. “We will continue to evaluate available resources to support this effort to protect our country without compromising public safety here in Wyoming.”

A request has been made by K2 News for comment from the Governor's office regarding what the assets that were sent actually were, as well as what future support from Wyoming will actually look like.

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