The owner of the traps that killed a family's three St. Bernard dogs in the past week was stunned and saddened to learn of their deaths, a spokesman for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said Thursday.

"He was devastated when we talked to him," said Brian Olsen, Casper region wildlife supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The department was contacted this week by the Cardenas family that lives on Ridgecrest Drive near the base of Casper Mountain.

One of their three, three-year-old St. Bernard dogs went missing Saturday, daughter Savannah Cardenas said.

Tuesday, she and her younger brother Braylon went looking for that dog, Brooklynn, with their other two dogs named Barkley and Jax. As they were searching on the state land immediately west of their house, Barkley was caught in a snare trap and died, and Jax soon was caught in another nearby trap and also died.

The Game and Fish Department has been investigating the situation, Olsen said.

The state has strict regulations on the types of snares that can be used including breakaway devices, the circumference of the snare, identification, and how it is attached to the ground, he said.

Other regulations include the species of animals that may be harvested, the seasons, the trapping methods, areas that are opened and closed, and mandatory check times, Olsen said.

The trapper did nothing wrong, he said, adding that Wyoming law does not allow the department to reveal his name. "After reviewing it, he's done everything according to Wyoming's laws and regulations."

As part of its review, the Game and Fish Department contacted the owner of the snares.

"He really had no idea why we wanted to talk to him," Olsen said. "The only thing I can tell you is he was devastated."

The whole situation is sad, he said.

"It's hard to blame somebody when it's such a bad, unfortunate situation and the sympathies have to go to the family because they lost three dogs that were certainly a strong part of their family," Olsen said.

Wednesday, Savannah Cardenas said she would like to see changes in trapping regulations that would help prevent the kind of tragedy that has affected her family.


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