The future growth of Casper and Mills will be a topic of discussion at Tuesday’s Casper City Council meeting. The two towns have been in talks about the growth of both cities, and have come to terms on a number of issues. Casper City Manager John Patterson says there were some areas in dispute, such as the development around Robertson Road. Patterson says

Some of it had to do with utility placement, where the water lines and sewer lines were and some of it just had to do with geographical boundaries, you know, trying to make them clean and clear for citizens to understand that they’re in Mills or they’re in Casper

Patterson says he believes officials from both Casper and Mills are pleased with the agreement that will be reviewed at Tuesday night’s Council meeting.

It answered and resolved some of the issues that are outstanding as the result of some current growth and then looking, you know, 20-to-30 years out, it lays the groundwork for the future growth of these two cities.

Patterson says the Memorandum of Understanding touches on Vista West, Robertson Road and the area near 71 Construction’s quarry. The Casper City Council meets Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall.