Another person has been arrested in connection with the theft of some antique guns.

Recently Casper police arrested Freddie Gomez, on charges of receiving and concealing and being an accessory after the fact.

On October 2011, Bruce Berst, a Casper area historian and re-enactor, reported that some antique guns had been stolen from his collection.

According to police, last week an informant told officers that he was at Gomez's place, when he was shown a gun and was asked to try to sell it.

When asked where gomez got the gun from, he told the informant that it came from a burglary committed by Lennance Miller and Cody Sylvester...who have pleaded not guilty to burglary charges and are awaiting trial.

In an interview with police, Gomez says he got the gun after Miller was arrested and was trying to get rid of it, but couldn't find anyone who wanted to buy it.