There has been a new development in the upheaval over charges of embezzlement and investigations into questionable land deals by elected officials in the town of Mills. .

Now, the former IT Director for the city, Eric Salveggio has filed a defamation lawsuit against the former Mayor, Marrolyce Wilson, who is under investigation for questionable land purchases and sales, and the former city treasurer, Lisa Whetstone, who has been charged with embezzlement.

Salveggio says that despite excellent job performance reviews, he was let go in 2015. He got a job as a contractor with the US government, but when a back ground check was done with the former Mayor and Treasurer, he was told they had accused him of the embezzlement.

After the investigation by the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation led to the arrest of Whetstone for the embezzlement, and later, an investigation of the Mayor over the land purchases led to her resignation, Salveggio was cleared and given back his government job.

Salveggio says now, he was a scapegoat and he wants an accounting for it.

He has now sued for a total of $256,000 for legal fees, loss of future wages, and pain and distress.

Salveggio has asked for a jury trial.

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