A Montana man pulled over for speeding near Douglas in December has been charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, according to federal court records.

Kristopher Cody Pease could face a minimum of 10 years to life imprisonment if convicted, according to the indictment handed up by the federal grand jury last week.

The case started on Dec. 24 when a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper saw a Ford Mustang traveling north on Interstate 25 and moving at 78 mph in a 75 mph zone, then decelerate and take exit 140 into Douglas, according to an April 15 affidavit by a Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation agent.

The trooper conducted a traffic stop and identified Pease, who said he did not have a driver's license, that the car was not his, and didn't know if there was any registration in the car.

The trooper asked for the help of a K9 and continued to work the traffic stop. A Converse County Sheriff's officer responded with a K9, which alerted to controlled substances.

Meanwhile, the trooper learned Pease had an active arrest warrant for a controlled substance violation in Colorado and a suspended driver's license.

Officers found a grocery bag filled with small plastic bags containing suspected methamphetamine in the trunk.

A DCI agent arrived. After Pease waived his Miranda rights, he told the agents that he was traveling to Montana from Colorado after visiting his girlfriend and picking up a large quantity of methamphetamine, most of which he put in the trunk and some he had in the passenger area for his own use.

Pease added that he intended to redistribute the methamphetamine to customers in Montana. He also told the agents he had two cell phones, gave consent for them to be searched, and said there would be drug-related communications on both of them.

The DCI agents weighed and tested the suspected methamphetamine, which weighed about 4.95 pounds and tested positive.

Pease was then arrested and taken to the Converse County jail for multiple controlled substances charges.

Neither the affidavit nor the indictment indicated why they were published nearly four and five months respectively after the traffic stop and arrest.

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