Had enough of winter yet?

YEAH, you're in good company.

Well, enjoy this weekend.

It won't be as cold in Wyoming and it won't be as windy.

Some cold. A breeze for a few of us.

But overall not bad.


Enjoy Monday while you can.

A woman have cold on the sofa at home with winter coat

Late Tuesday a weather system moves in, blame Canada for that.

Expect some snow and temperatures to drop overnight.


By Wednesday Wyoming will be in the teens with some lingering snowfall in various parts of the state.

Most of the snow is expected to fall in the southeastern part of Wyoming, which is okay, they need it.

This will not be a major snow event. Just enough to add that extra layer of white and make the roads as slick as snot.

From there we slowly begin to warm up and by the next weekend expect temperatures to be back in the 30s or so.

But warming air moving in means it blows in.

You know the drill.

Things get warmer, as far as the temperature is concerned.

But it will feel colder due to the wind.

This trend of warmer, then COLD, then warmer, along with snow in-between, will continue for a while.

We are stuck in a pattern for a while.

The good news is that the western states have seen a lot of snow and it's helping us to end the drought we've been sucked in for the past few ears.

This spring's melt-off should be a good one.

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

If you enjoy these pictures, please consider following the links above to give back to these organizations that help feed and shelter Wyoming animals, especially on snowy days like this: 

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