Candidates for state and local elective offices filing for their parties' nominations got an early start when the filing period opened Thursday, according to the Natrona County Clerk's Office.

"Those applying for any county offices will file through our office," said Chris Lindsey, elections deputy clerk for the Clerk's Office. They include commissioners, sheriff, clerk, clerk of district court, treasurer, assessor, district attorney and coroner.

Those running for county assessor must own property within the county, she said.
Those running for District Attorney must have been a licensed attorney for at least four years and a member in good standing of the Wyoming state bar.

"Any of them for the state, house district and senate district, they go through the (Wyoming) Secretary of State's Office and filing is online for that," Lindsey said.

"If you're interested in (Casper) city council or town council for Evansville, Bar Nunn or Mills, you will file with those town clerks," she said.

The applications, available in packets at the county, city and town clerks' offices require basic biographical information including name, address, date of birth, and email, Lindsey said.

The packets also contain information about procedures about conducting campaigns such as where campaign signs may be placed, she said.

The filing period ends June 1.

The County Clerk posts on its website the names of candidates and the offices they seek, and updates those lists at 4 p.m.



These are the offices, candidates and their parties (if applicable) so far:

Federal Contests:

U.S. Senator (six-year term) -- John Holtz (R).

U.S. Representative (two-year term) -- Rod Miller (R).


State Contests (four-year terms):

Governor -- Bill Dahlin (R), Foster Friess (R), Harriet M. Hageman (R), Kenneth R. Casner (D).

Secretary of State -- James W. Byrd (D).

State Auditor -- Jeff Dockter (D), Kristi Racines (R).

State Treasurer -- Curt Meier (R).

Superintendent of Public Instruction -- Jillian Balow (R).


State Senate Contests in Natrona County (four-year terms):

Senate District 27 -- Bill Landen (R).

Senate District 29 -- Drew Perkins (R).


State House Representative Contests in Natrona County (two-year terms):

House District 35 -- Joe Macguire (R).

House District 36 -- Debbie Bovee (D).

House District 37 -- none yet.

House District 38 -- Tom Walters (R).

House District 56 -- Jerry Obermueller (R).

House District 57 -- Daniel Sandoval (R).

House District 58 -- Charles H. Schoenwolf (R).

House District 59 -- none yet.


Natrona County Contests (four-year terms):

Commissioner (three will be elected) -- Paul C. Bertoglio (R), Robert L. Hendry (R), Jim Milne (R), David North (R), Linda R. Shogren-O'Grady (R), Todd Murphy (R).

Assessor -- Matthew Keating (R), Tammy Saulsbury (R).

Clerk -- Tracy Good (R), Chris Lindsey (R).

Clerk of District Court -- Leticia Drake (R), Anne Volin (R).

Coroner -- Connie Jacobson (R).

Sheriff -- Gus Holbrook (R).

Treasurer -- none yet.

District Attorney -- none yet.


City of Casper Contests (nonpartisan):

City Council Ward I, (four-year term) -- none yet.

City Council Ward I, (two-year unexpired term) -- none yet.

City Council Ward II, (four-year term) -- Mark P. Kawa, Shawn Johnson.

City Council Ward II, (two-year unexpired term) -- none yet.

City Council Ward III (two four-year terms) -- none yet.


Bar Nunn Contests (nonpartisan, four-year terms):

Bar Nunn Town Council (two positions) -- none yet.

Bar Nunn Town Mayor -- none yet.


Evansville Contests (nonpartisan):

Evansville Town Council (two four-year terms) -- none yet.

Evansville Town Council (two-year unexpired term) -- none yet.


Mills Contests (nonpartisan):

Mills Town Council (two four-year terms) -- James Hollander, Darla R. Ives.

Mills Town Mayor (four-year term) -- Seth M. Coleman, Mike Pyatt.

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