I'm a little surprised you're actually able to see this moose considering how white the ground is. A driver just shared video of a white moose walking in the snow.

According to the video description, this animal was spotted walking down a road somewhere in Sweden.

How common is it to see a white moose? I decided to find out. The answer is not common at all. According to Global News, there are only around 50 left in the world. The odds of seeing one while cruising down the road are probably more than a million to one.

National Geographic states that white moose happen due to a genetic mutation. They said that one expert believes it might become more prevalent. I would be a fan of that. My family saw maybe one moose last time we visited Yellowstone and Grand Teton. It was way off in the distance and was hard to spot even though it was your typical brown moose coat. A white one this time of year would look like a ghost. Ghost moose. That's an idea worth exploring.

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