Prosecutors continued their case Tuesday in the murder trial of a Casper man accused of brutally stabbing his roommate to death.
Don Johns is charged with killing his roommate Donald Wickersham in August of 2015. Wickersham suffered 29 wounds, hitting every major organ except his heart. John's defense team maintains the killing was in self-defense.
Assistant District Attorney Dan Itzen questioned Casper Police Detective Mitch Baker, who was an evidence technician at the time and testified about evidence he collected from a trailer on Lathrop Road, where Johns went after the victim was killed. The jury was shown bloody clothing and shoes found in the trailer's trash container, and Baker testified about an injury on Johns' hand he described as a "deep laceration". Baker told the court did not appear to be, in his estimation, a classic defensive wound.
Also on the stand, Johns' ex-girlfriend, Kelly Stanley, who said Johns came to her house that night, appearing to be very drunk, and told her he killed Wickersham. Stanley said she didn't believe him, was frightened, and just wanted to him to leave.
Public Defender Rob Oldham sharply questioned the woman on what she did or did not remember, and what she told or did or not tell police. Stanley replied that she didn't remember parts of that night as she was in shock and extremely upset.
Johns is charged with first-degree murder and could face prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.