The Void, a nightclub and event space for young adults and teens in Downtown Casper, has announced that it will be closing permanently.

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The news comes from a Facebook post The Void wrote on Tuesday night.

"The Void team is sad to announce that we will be shutting down for good," they wrote. "We thank all the patrons who supported our mission and got a chance to experience what we wanted to do for the city of Casper. We want to thank Keyhole Peepshow, Casa of Natrona County, Big Brother Big Sisters, Casper Pride, Casper college veterans club, and Stephanie chance for showing Casper that people do care about marginalized communities and that big hearts can be found in small cities."

The owners wrote that they tried their best to provide a space for organizations and individuals in Casper.

"We wanted to have a little something for everyone, but we were unable to provided what we wanted to achieve," the owners wrote. "We gave it our all and tried to build something safe and healthy for Casper. We were definitely met with obstacles along the way. We fought to change the community’s mindset on youth and show the city that teens can be responsible and trusted in this town.

"We as a community must see that the communities that The Void were supporting still need homes. These communities are striving. The Natrona county esports team finished 3rd out of over 150 schools because we gave them a home where they could compete when their schools blocked access. The Casper Pride nights gave people a space and an opportunity to express themselves without fearing judgment. A group of special needs kids in our city started developing friendships and building their community because we gave them a home to do it."

The Void, throughout its short history, produced a number of concerts, dances, video game tournaments, and more. It was the home for multiple organizations and it was deemed, from its very first day of operation, a "safe space" for people of all ages.

"We urge the people in our community to pick up where we left off. If businesses or people could continue to fill the voids within Casper we can continue our mission of success. We leave you with hope. Hope that the communities we serviced will find a new home, hope that one day in the future Casper will be ready for a space that can provide nightlife without providing alcohol, hope that we were able to touch hearts and provide a safe space for people in our community, and hope that the youth in this town will eventually stop facing discrimination and that more businesses will start creating initiatives that will make youth want to stay in Casper as opposed of leaving for better opportunities."

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