A Mills woman is accused of cutting off the locks of various machines at car washes so her accomplices could take the money.

Twenty-six year old Danielle Garton has been charged with one count of theft and one count of property destruction.

Investigators with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office say from late Sunday into early Monday (February 28-29), there were reports of theft at the Sunset Car Wash in Bar Nunn, the Wonder Wash in Casper, and the Mountain View Car Wash in Mills.

In each case, someone had cut the locks off either a car wash machine or a vacuum station and remove the money inside.

One camera showed a person disconnecting a light bulb, before break-in happened.

Surveillance video at two of the three places showed similar events, and showed a dark colored Jeep Grand Cherokee at each scene.

On Tuesday, a deputy in the Bar Nunn area, spotted a vehicle that matched the description.

Investigators learned it belonged to Garton, and that she was with two friends at around the time the break-ins were committed.

When they tried to interview her about the events, she requested an attorney.

The Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant and when they went through the vehicle, they found a bolt cutter, a camouflaged face mask similar to one seen in one of the videos, and a liquid substance, consistent with the type of carpet cleaner commonly sold at car washes.

Charges against her accomplices are pending.