Artists may want to get that portfolio and resume together because there's going to be a Portland Art Museum curator visiting Casper. Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson will be at the Nicolaysen Wednesday to present a focus group and get an impression of the artists in our region, says Nic Curator Lisa Hatchadoorian.

Seeking out artists:

"She's coming to Wyoming to visit some of the different communities in the state to get a sense of the artists and really open herself up the work that's going on in the state and in the region that she's responsible for."

Laing-Malcolmson is the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of Northwest Art, which includes the five states Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Library of regional artists:

"It's a free focus group and presentation that she's doing at the Nic, so Wednesday the 21st, at one o'clock. And I would encourage all artists to come and bring materials; bring your resume; bring CDs with images of your work, and she will take them her and start compiling a library of artists of the state."

Ms. Hatchadoorian stressed that the curator needs portfolio samples in a digital format so they can be easily collected into that library of artists in the region.

Portfolios, not actual works:

"Nothing physical, in terms of their work itself, but resumes, works on a CD, website information, and contact information."