Casper residents and visitors may soon notice a new Native American-themed statue near Fort Caspar Museum.

Casper City Council will allocate roughly $68,000 from the city’s optional one-cent ’13 fund toward the design and construction of the $250,000 statue.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager, who voted in favor the statue’s design and construction, said the final product will be a local family's tribute.

“They made a bequest to the city of Casper and wanted to see a certain type of product, and that’s what council voted to approve and will be moving forward with in honor of the Dove family’s memory,” Schlager said.

Council approved the resolution 7-2 on Tuesday, picking up dissenting votes from Ward I councilmen Keith Goodenough and Daniel Sandoval.

Sandoval said fiscal responsibility guided his vote.

“I’m not really sure that’s an appropriate use of public funds at this point,” Sandoval said.

City officials say the bronze statue will be designed by local artists and will depict a Native American on a horse chasing a buffalo. It will be installed on a raised berm near Fort Caspar Museum and will neighbor a new pathway being constructed along Wyoming Boulevard.

$117,000 of the statue’s cost will be covered by a private donation. The city’s beautification committee says it will be responsible the balance of the funds.

Upon its completion, the statue will be owned by the city of Casper. The city will also be responsible for the statue’s maintenance from that point on.

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