The Natrona County Commission is going to change its leadership next Tuesday. When looking back on 2010 (Dec. 30, 2010 interview), current Commission Chairman Rob Hendry was proud of the Commission for one accomplishment in particular.

Lean times budget:

"We were able to come out of there with a balanced budget. Our department heads and the other elected officials really worked on their budgets and they should all be commended for that. You know, next year, hopefully things will get a little better and we'll at least be able to do a cost of living adjustment for our employees. It just kinda depends on the economy."

Notable to the year, was the November election where an incumbent commissioner lost to a challenger.

Incumbent loses seat:

"We had a lot of people run. Barb Peryam, been a commissioner for four years, lost her spot on the Commission. And some controversy with that, during one meeting in which she ended up losing her spot. And Bill McDowell gained a seat on the Commission."

One issue that is going to be debated into the new year is junk, some say collectible cars on private property in the county.

Fallow cars on property:

"You know, there's property rights on both sides. Those people, they have a right to have whatever they want to on their property, but in the same instance, their neighbors, they have a right too out there and their property values went down because of the junk cars and cars laying on the neighboring property."

Commissioner Hendry says they are going have meetings with the Planning and Zoning Commission along with people from both sides of fallow cars issue. He expects they may work out some kind of compromise by April or May.

Meetings addressing issue:

"And that's all of those discussions, whether you have a variance, a special use permit, conditional use permit, and there will be some standards in those permits, like the screening, planting trees around them so they aren't real visible. You know, what are you going to do for the neighbors?"

And Commissioner Hendry was optimistic about turning over his chairmanship.

Easy going transfer:

"Me going out as chairman is not all bad and people maybe have some different ideas and different things to do. And think change is alright in those leadership positions, once and a while."

The Commission took a straw poll and the likely new chairman is Commissioner Ed Opella, with Commissioner Bill McDowell as vice chairman, but that won't be official until they elect their new leaders on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011.