City councilors have named a new Casper mayor.

Ward II councilor Paul Meyer was formally named mayor of Casper on Tuesday after winning an informal straw-pull vote among council members in December.

Meyer says he’s honored to serve the city in his new role.

“Everybody know about my cardiac condition – I got off the table that day and decided I hadn’t given enough back,” Meyer said. “I’m not the greatest speaker in the world, I’m not, probably, the smartest mayor that’s ever been back here, but I’ll promise the citizens that I’ll work as hard as any mayor that they’ll ever see.”

Meyer had previously served as the city's vice mayor. Ward II’s Charlie Powell was also formally elected into Meyer’s old vice mayor role on Tuesday.

Meyer takes over for former Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager, who is in the last year of her city council term.

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