At the Casper City Council meeting this morning, the council elected Ray Pacheco as Mayor and Lisa Engebretsen Vice Mayor.

Kyle Gamroth nominated Ray Pacheco as mayor, reasoning that the council needs to stabilize and ride the ship. “You’re the most experienced, a lot of us are newcomers.” He added that it would buy the council some time with sure, steady leadership so they might re-evaluate and reconvene in later months going into the next fiscal year.

Lisa Engebretsen seconded the nomination. There were no opposing council members.

Gena Jensen nominated Amber Pollock for Vice Mayor for her experience and level-headedness. Pollock accepted the nomination but posited that she is not going to be pursuing leadership in 2024, and it would be a good opportunity to choose someone who will be going forward with Pacheco in place to be able to learn and understand the position.

Jensen then nominated herself. Engebretsen also self-nominated, stating that it is important, at this time, to consider having a female in leadership. “We have not had female leadership in quite some time” and in light of what has happened it is important to consider.

With that, Pollock rescinded her nomination as there were two other female nominees.

Thereafter they cast their votes using a rank-choice ballot system.

There was a tie between Gamroth and Engebretsen and revote was necessary.

Engebretsen had the most votes and a motion was passed to elect her as Vice Mayor.

City Council Meeting to Elect New Mayor and Vice

The day after Bruce Knell resigned as mayor, the council met to determine who would fill the position. Pacheco was elected unanimously and Engebretsen was voted as Vice Mayor.

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