The cross country season moved along with the gigantic Chief Nation meet in Ethete on Saturday afternoon. Over 500 junior varsity of varsity runners took part in the event on a course that will be used for the state meet that will be on October 23rd.

The girl's winner was Kate Brigham of Jackson with a time of 19.50.60. Natrona went 3-4-10 on this race so that was a very strong showing. On the boy's side, Jason Wheeler of Jackson won the gold medal with a time of 16.41.29. Sheridan went 3-7-16 in this event.

Be sure and check out our video of the proceedings as well as a ton of great pictures in our gallery, courtesy of Shannon Dutcher. Enjoy!

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Chief Nation Cross Country Meet 9-11-21

Wyoming Indian High School Cross Country Meet.


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