Cheyenne City Council President Rocky Case on Monday morning issued a statement about Cheyenne City Council members not being allowed to attend a Friday news conference held by Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr.

The statement reads as follows

"Citizens of Cheyenne,

After the Mayor’s press conference last Friday, we felt compelled, as Council Leadership to provide the following statement:

-We object to the City Council being excluded from taxpayer-funded press conferences, they should be open to the public.

-We condemn unwarranted attacks against the city council, their family members, and members of the public.

-We will continue to our due diligence to examine and correct potential financial irregularities with expenditures from the Mayor’s Challenge Grant as well as city credit cards more broadly.  It is Council’s hope that we can do so in a far more productive manner than we have recently seen.

Thank you for all the kind words and support we've received over the last month in regard to our efforts on this matter, we will continue to do what we were elected to do-act in the best interests of you the taxpayer.


Council Leadership"

At least three council members, including Case as well as Bryan Cook, Jeff White and Scott Roybal tried to attend the news conference, which was held in the mayor's conference room in the City Municipal Building.

They were told that the conference was only open to the news media and that they could not attend.

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