A woman who thought she had "bugs coming out of her" and "soaked herself in lice treatment" was arrested Saturday night after police allegedly found methamphetamine paraphernalia and marijuana in the home where a teenager also lived.

Sarah Lynn Metz, 35, was booked on charges of child endangerment by methamphetamine and possession of marijuana.

Charging papers say police officers went to an address on West 53rd Street at about 8 p.m. Saturday to assist EMS. Metz had apparently called 911 and reportedly said she "thinks she has bugs coming out of her [body]; they look like fleas."

Metz reportedly told dispatch she "soaked herself in lice treatment," continuing to ramble on about "larvae and bugs" being "all over her house and in her furniture." She reportedly said "they [the bugs] are cold right now and not moving," and that "when she gets hot, they start moving."

Metz appeared disheveled and paranoid. She reportedly told officers her house was infested with bugs, larvae and the like. Metz had circular "pock marks" covering her skin, but no bugs on her body.

She spoke nervously and rapidly, her arms and legs reportedly "jerking" uncontrollably. The area around her nose was reddened and raised with blisters, police noted in court documents, and Metz was obviously high on methamphetamine.

Metz told police a 13- or 14-year-old child was inside the home and would be alone once Metz was taken to the hospital. No immediate family lived in the area, and the girl's stepfather was working out of town.

But, Metz said, her next-door neighbor would watch the child.

The neighbor told police she had never agreed to watch the girl. According to court documents, the neighbor also said random people would come and go from Metz's home at all hours.

The child reportedly appeared healthy. She said she had not seen any of the "bugs" on Metz's body.

Police noted a number of couches, a love seat, a carpet and trash bags full of household items sitting in the yard. The child reportedly said Metz had thrown them out because she believed they were infested with bugs.

The teen also said Metz smoked marijuana, and believed she had seen other drug paraphernalia in the residence.

Officers checked the living conditions of the home and reportedly found a dark-colored marijuana pipe on the front living room couch.

A search warrant was executed and officers allegedly found 5.53 grams of marijuana, two clear bags containing methamphetamine residue, a red plastic "tooter" -- used to snort drugs -- miscellaneous drug paraphernalia and a water bong.

Metz allegedly admitted the marijuana was hers, but denied possession of methamphetamine. She provided a urine sample that reportedly tested positive for meth and marijuana.

Metz was arrested without incident.

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