Some Casper drivers apparently weren't doing their homework last week when it comes to school zones. According to the Casper Police, Officer Darren Douglas made 42 traffic stops and issued 57 tickets in the school zones located around Centennial Middle School and Paradise Valley Elementary School.  The previous week, the count was 29 traffic stops and 42 tickets in school zones around Frontier Middle School and Cottonwood Elementary.

From Casper Police:

"Quote of the week from a driver receiving a speeding citation. 'I had no idea I was in a school zone'. By the way, they were driving by the front of a school. CPD would like to thank the drivers who are mindful of schools zones and drive 20mph."

A high volume of traffic complaints prompted the weekly extra enforcement efforts, which the Casper Police Department posts on their Facebook Page in an effort to make people more aware of their driving habits.

We will also post the enforcement locations each week, along with the results of those efforts.

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