Three people were arrested Monday after a report of a stabbing led Casper police officers to find methamphetamine and meth paraphernalia not far from a baby crib in a home where two children lived.

Ashley Janele Hodges, 28, was booked on charges of meth possession, marijuana possession, child endangerment with methamphetamine and being under the influence of meth.

Jake Allen Perea, 36, was arrested on charges of meth possession, marijuana possession and child endangerment with methamphetamine.

Joshua Lon Finley, 35, was booked on a charge of marijuana possession.

Charging documents say Casper police officers when to a home on South Jackson shortly after 11:30 a.m. for a report that Perea had been stabbed by his girlfriend, Hodges.

Officers arrived to find Perea on the front porch. He said he was "fine" and no assault had taken place. He also reportedly told police that Hodges was not home.

Perea agreed to let officers into the home, but tried to shut the door on them before they could get inside. When they got into the residence, officers reportedly found dried drops of blood on the living room and kitchen floors, so they conducted a safety sweep of the home.

That's when an officer reportedly found Hodges hiding in the basement bedroom's bathroom. Finley was found upstairs.

After speaking with Perea, officers determined no assault had taken place.

When police spoke with Hodges, they noticed her making rapid, "jerky" body movements. Officers also saw fresh track marks on both her arms, according to an affidavit, which led them to believe Hodges was under the influence of a stimulant.

Hodges reportedly told police she thought she was being "set up." When asked, she told officers she had last used one-quarter to one-half of a gram of meth on Sunday night. She reportedly said she did "not typically" inject methamphetamine, admitting instead to smoking it.

Hodges initially denied having any meth inside the home, but later said she had a pipe and some marijuana on her bed downstairs. Officers followed her to the basement.

As they entered the bedroom, an officer saw a glass pipe with methamphetamine residue sitting on Hodges bed on top of a blue baby blanket. The officer also saw a small clear baggie of meth sticking out of an empty pill bottle next to the pipe.

Hodges then allegedly reached for and picked up a small black marijuana dispensary container, labeled "Bubble Hash."

Officers saw a baby crib about three feet to the right of Hodges' bed where the meth pipe was found. Hodges reportedly said Perea and an infant lived downstairs.

Hodges was placed under arrest. Officers took two children into protective custody, due to the close proximity of the meth to the baby's blanket and crib.

A further search of the basement bedroom allegedly revealed, along with the meth pipe and jewelry bag already discovered, another baggie with methamphetamine residue, a "tooter" with meth residue, a metal marijuana pipe and two marijuana dispensary containers.

An officer found another small baggie containing meth residue on a dresser, just six inches from a baby bottle which contained a small amount of milk.

In the basement bathroom, police allegedly found a used syringe, a plastic baggie containing a small amount of meth and another marijuana pipe. Police note in court documents that the older child in the home could have easily reached the syringe.

Three more baggies containing meth residue were allegedly found in the upstairs living room, and one more such baggie was found inside a purse. Police also reportedly found a marijuana roach and a homemade marijuana pipe in an upstairs bedroom.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services responded and placed the children into the custody of relatives.

Perea spoke with officers and allegedly admitted to using meth about a week prior, but said he had no knowledge of the meth police found in the home. He did, however, tell police he had been arrested and put on probation for marijuana-related charges three times in the past.

Finley, in speaking with police, denied knowing about the marijuana pipe found in the upstairs bedroom, but did say he had been staying at the home off and on.

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