Living in Casper, we take pride in our community. Nationally, our "little" city has received some good accolades. just named Casper as one of the Comeback Cites of the U.S.A. They took a look a the FBI crime reports over the last decade, and across the nation, crime is on the decline. Moreover, Casper is the second best Comeback city under 100,000 residents.

The Top 5 Cities with a population of fewer than 100,000 residues are:

  1. Hot Springs, AR with a 2.71 reduction in crime
  2. Casper, WY with a 2.04% reduction in crime
  3. Ocean City, NJ with a 1.84% reduction in crime
  4. Fairbanks, AK with a 1.55% reduction in crime
  5. Columbus, IN with a 1.20% reduction in crime

According to the story, all around the U.S. both property and violent crime were on the decline. If you look at all municipalities in the nation, the top five comeback cities are:

  1. Detroit, MI with a 3.57% reduction in crime
  2. Myrtle Beach with a 3.35% reduction in crime
  3. Laredo, TX with a 2.80% reduction in crime
  4. Yakima, WA with a 2.76% reduction in crime
  5. Hot Springs, AR with a 2.71% reduction in crime

Hot Springs was the only smaller town to make the complete top 20-list for Comeback Cities. Nationally, Casper is ranked 26th. As for the State of Wyoming, Casper is the only city to make the top 100.

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