Casper police officers arrested three people early Friday after someone called police to report squatters in an apartment.

Katrina Lynn Hanson, 28, was booked on trespassing and interference charges.

Travis Carroll was taken into custody on a warrant out of California and trespassing.

Jackson Deluna, 26, was arrested for trespassing, interference, possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana.

Charging papers say an officer was sent to an address on Landmark for a trespassing call at 8:45 a.m. Dispatch advised that four squatters -- including Carroll, Deluna and Hanson -- had been in an apartment, but got into a Dodge Ram 1500 and were trying to leave.

The officer arrived, found the vehicle and pulled it over.

Carroll, the driver, reportedly said he didn't know the owners of the apartment weren't supposed to be there. He said he had been there for about an hour before staff told them to leave, and that he was just visiting some friends while he was in town from Greybull.

Upon running Carroll's name through dispatch, the officer discovered Carroll was wanted out of California. Carroll was arrested, and during a search of Carroll's person, the officer allegedly found a needle in Carroll's left front jeans pocket.

When asked what it was used for, Carroll reportedly said, "I don't know, I'm a junkie, I do whatever is around."

The fourth person who was in the vehicle -- Katelyn Matuse -- said she had gotten to the apartment on Tuesday with Deluna, adding that she was homeless and Deluna said she could stay with him for a few days. She said she was unaware of any issue with the apartment.

Hanson allegedly claimed to be "Amelia Mayfield," and said she had come to the apartment with Carroll. She claimed she didn't know that no one was supposed to be in the apartment.

The officer ran the other three names through dispatch, and found Deluna and Matuse were clear. However, the name "Amelia Mayfield" didn't return any information.

The officer issued citations to Deluna and Matuse for trespassing, but told Hanson she was under arrest for trespassing and not being able to give her true identity.

After handcuffing Hanson, officers searched the pickup truck. In a bag belonging to Deluna, which he reportedly gave officers permission to search, police allegedly found two homemade metal pipes and a homemade glass bottle pipe, which police say is commonly used to smoke meth or marijuana.

Beneath the driver's seat, officers allegedly found a marijuana grinder and a glass pipe. Another glass pipe was allegedly found in a green backpack.

Metro was called to pick up Deluna's dog, and Deluna was arrested for meth and marijuana possession. Deluna initially gave police a false name.

Once taken to the Natrona County Detention Center, Hanson allegedly admitted that she was not "Amelia Mayfield," and said she didn't want to get her friend in trouble by using her name.

The pipes reportedly tested presumptively positive for marijuana, and the homemade glass bottle pipe reportedly tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine.

The needle pulled from Carroll's pocket did not return a result, and was sent for additional testing.

A booking photo of Carroll was not immediately available.

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