Three people were arrested Tuesday after a traffic stop led police to find a man wanted for escape, as well as a considerable amount of drugs and paraphernalia inside a bag which also reportedly contained children's items.

Byron Delbert Drake, 38, was booked on charges of possession of methamphetamine and child endangerment by methamphetamine, as well as a warrant for escape.

Zachary Buslett, 30, was arrested on charges of possession of heroin, child endangerment and child endangerment by methamphetamine.

Ashlee Grant, 25, was also taken to jail on charges of possession of heroin, child endangerment and child endangerment by methamphetamine.

Charging papers say at about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday, a police officer stopped a red Lincoln Navigator in the Bar D Signs parking lot for making a sudden lane change without signaling.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer immediately recognized Drake, who had a confirmed warrant for escape. Drake was arrested without issue.

A search of Drake's person allegedly turned up a baggie of meth in Drake's wallet.

Grant and Buslett were asked to step out of the vehicle, but police found no contraband on either of them.

Police searched the vehicle and found two clear baggies with an unknown white residue inside a cigarette pack on the center console. An officer then found a black-and-white bag in the front passenger seat which contained baby wipes, a child's t-shirt, a toddler boot, snacks and a half-empty bottle of milk.

Also inside the bag were numerous capped syringes, a metal spoon with suspected heroin residue, q-tips, a digital scale, a clear plastic square bowl with suspected heroin residue inside, a black Crown Royal bag which contained another black bag with syringes and other heroin paraphernalia, a pink bag with syringes, another metal spoon with suspected heroin residue and a large blue rubber band.

Grant spoke with police and claimed she hadn't used heroin or meth in nearly six months. She denied all possession of the suspected heroin in the vehicle, and said the bag with the child-related items and suspected heroin paraphernalia belonged to Drake.

Buslett told police he didn't use heroin or meth, and denied possession of any of the drug paraphernalia in the Lincoln. He also said the bag belonged to Drake.

Drake allegedly said the only bag that belonged to him was the backpack in the back seat. He reportedly admitted that he has used heroin, but said meth is his drug of choice. He refused to say anything else.

Police took a child into protective custody. Court documents do not specify where the child was found.

An agent with the Department of Family Services spoke with Grant and asked if the child had any food or drink cups in the Lincoln. Grant reportedly said the only item belonging to the child was the bottle of milk in the bag in the front seat.

After being booked into jail, Grant allegedly told authorities she used meth and heroin on Monday, and Buslett had also used heroin on Monday. She reportedly admitted that the bag and items in the bag belonged to her.

A urine sample from Grant allegedly tested positive for THC, meth and opiates.

Buslett provided a urine sample that reportedly tested positive for THC and opiates.

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