A man who was arrested for allegedly hitting a child after huffing air duster over the summer appeared in Natrona County District Court on Wednesday and entered guilty pleas to four criminal charges.

Tristan Timothy Meyers, 22, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of battery and unlawful use of a toxic substance, as well as felony counts of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine and delivery of methamphetamine.

Public defender Rob Oldham told District Judge Daniel Forgey that Meyers, who had originally been charged with felony child abuse, had that charge reduced to misdemeanor battery as part of a plea agreement.

Under that plea deal, Oldham said, prosecutors agreed to recommend no prison time on the felony drug charges and to dismiss four additional counts filed against Meyers in that case. Meyers's guilty pleas to the misdemeanor charges were "cold" and concurrent, meaning that he could face a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a fine of $750 in that case.

According to charging documents, Meyers had been picked up by friends on July 27. The pair had an infant in the vehicle with them.

Meyers reportedly went into a Walmart store, bought a can of dust-off and later inhaled it while inside the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle would later tell police that Meyers "blacked out" and started "hitting the baby."

"When I came to, I was in the middle of traffic," Meyers told Forgey during Wednesday's court hearing.

Regarding the methamphetamine case, Assistant District Attorney Trevor Schenk told Forgey that Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation agents had been buying meth from Meyers's alleged co-conspirator.

Meyers was free on bond at the time of Wednesday's hearing. His sentencing hearing will be set once a presentence investigation report has been completed.

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