Sportsmanship. Leadership. Character.

Skills students and coaches will call upon many times in their journey through life as they overcome challenges with grace.

At the 15th Annual Middle-Level Sportsmanship Champion Awards, student-athletes and coaches were celebrated:

Casper Classical Academy: Alliana Roberson, Gavin Peterson, Coach Sheryl Schroefel
Centennial Middle School: Caitlin Robinson, Brant Lewis, Coach Carrie Pexton
CY Middle School: Jacey Boyd, Ethan Kindel, Coach Rich Millay
Dean Morgan Middle School: Rachel Smith, Manny Nelson, Coach Damon Murdock
Midwest School: Taelynn Salway, Domnick Sothan, Coach Justin Marker

Natrona County School District
Natrona County School District

During the ceremony, students reflected on what sportsmanship meant to them:

Respecting your teammates and others, attitude & effort, and having fun while competing were common thoughts shared by students and coaches alike.

Rachel Smith - “Sportsmanship is being kind and supportive of your teammates, coaches, and the other team.”

Manny Nelson - “Sportsmanship to me is playing the game, but also following the rules, accepting the results at the end, and respecting your opponents.”

Ethan Kindel - “To truly be a good sportsman, you have to start off with respect. You need to respect yourself, your coaches, your teammates, and your opponents regardless of if you are winning or losing. To be a good sportsman, you always need to be willing to help people up.”

Jacey Boyd - “It means being supportive, having a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn. Having good sportsmanship ensures my team that no matter what, I’ve always got your back.”

Taelynn Salway - “It means having good behavior, being respectful to everyone and everything around you, having a dynamic attitude towards everything, and being a great teammate.”

Domnick Sothan - “It is helping people, being kind, and having respect on and off the field or court.”

Brant Lewis - “To me, good sportsmanship means helping to make your teammates and opponents better. If your teammates or opponents are in a rough situation, bring them up. A little kindness in the world can go a long way; it’s good to be kind.”

Caitlin Robinson - “It is treating others with respect, through wins and losses.”

Alliana Roberson - “Good sportsmanship is having respect for yourself, your team, and your opponent before, during, and after the game. It also means having a good attitude no matter what, victory or loss.”

Gavin Peterson - “It means it is not necessary that everyone wins in the end, one team wins, and the other one loses, but a good sportsman is the one who appreciates the success of the winning team by congratulating them and empathizes for the losing team no matter which team they are on.”


Natrona County School District
Natrona County School District
Natrona County School District
Natrona County School District

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