Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day melt the faces of rock fans in Wyoming and beyond? If you didn't, don't fret. Because a band in Casper has put out a song that shows how Jesus puts the 'Rock' (of Ages) in Rock and Roll.

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307 Reacts is a local band made up of Chis Bucher, Robert Berling, Alex Rich, and Matt Greenlee, and they put out a cover of the hit Christmas song 'Mary Did You Know' just in time for the season.

'Mary Did You Know' was first released in 1991, with lyrics by Mark Lowry and music by Buddy Greene. It's a song that asks Mary, believed by Christians to be the birth mother of Jesus Christ, if she knew just how big of an impact her child would have on the world.

The writer of the song, Mark Lowry, told Absolutely Gospel that he wrote the song as if he were having a conversation with Mary.

"I just tried to put into words the unfathomable," he said. "I started thinking of the questions I would have for her if I were to sit down & have coffee with Mary. You know, 'What was it like raising God?' 'What did you know?' 'What didn't you know?'"

The song has been a massive hit and it's been covered by artists like Dolly Parton, CeeLo Green, Pentatonix, and more.

But 307 Reacts is the first group to offer up more of a rock version of the song and, in the words of today's youth, "it slaps."

"We came up with the idea by wondering what an A Capella group would sound like with a rock band behind them," said Chris Bucher, the producer of the song. "With the careful teaching of Alex Rich, the arrangement started to come together. The total production took about 3 days in the studio to complete."

Bucher played bass guitar and offered up baritone and bass vocals, while Rich provided the tenor vocals. Matt Greenlee played the drums and the guitars, while offering baritone and bass vocals as well. The song also featured Robert Bertling singing tenor. The four men combined their voices, along with the musical accompaniment, to put something truly special together.

All four musicians are from Casper and this video shows just how much talent exists in our town.

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