Saturday June 14 2014, Afton-Lincoln County Airport, Lincoln County, Wyoming, the British pilot and noted inventor Dr John C Taylor OBE set off on an epic solo flight in his new HUSKY plane from Wyoming to his home on the Isle of Man in the UK.

This is thought to be the longest single journey in a HUSKY plane, in excess of 4,400 miles, and is expected to finish in early-July.

Dr Taylor, who has over 60 years of experience as a private pilot, is flying his brand new HUSKY plane, M-HSKY from its factory in Afton, Wyoming across North America and the Atlantic Ocean. He has just completed an intensive training program that qualifies him to fly solo in this particular type of plane.

In a message to his team he said, “I hope to be airborne from KAFO Afton WY at 1600Z (GMT) and route across the Wind River Range at 12,500 ft, just South of Gannett Peak 13,804 ft, the highest in Wyoming. Hopefully the sun from the SE will give a fantastic photo opportunity from the air.”

The British pilot and keen photographer will be landing the plane a couple of dozen times along the way, both for refuelling and to stretch his legs and enjoy a cup of tea.

During his trip, Dr Taylor will be stopping at various locations such as Bismarck in North Dakota, Iqaluit in Canada, Reykjavik in Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

He will then briefly stop off at his home on the Isle of Man before finishing his trip in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Bob Pooler, Director of AVIAT Aircraft UK Ltd, the company that arranged the sale and of the plane said, “With a wingspan of just 35 feet and a length of just 22 feet, the trail dragging Husky is a small and sporty choice of plane.

“No-one has attempted to fly a Husky across North America and Greenland back to the UK before, so I take my hat off to Dr Taylor who shows true British grit.”

Dr Taylor is most famous for his invention of temperature controls in household appliances, as well as his passion for early English clocks, but his first love has always been aviation, and he has been flying since the age of 14.

He was first introduced to the excitement of aviation by his father Eric, also an inventor, who designed flight suits for British Great War pilots and the iconic aviator Amelia Earhart.

Dr Taylor points out that there is no sense of urgency in his big trans-Atlantic adventure.

He said, “This is not a race against the clock, in fact it is quite the opposite. I’m hoping to be able to stop off for tea in the afternoon at three o’clock on as many of the flying days as I can.”