An online survey by the Friends of the Bridle Trail is gathering information on winter use by those interested in accessing the Bridle Trail at Rotary Park year round.

Neal Benton, for Friends of the Bridle Trail, says while Rotary Park, technically, is closed over the winter, in years past, users have parked at the closed gate and walked in. This season, users are being sited for parking on a county road. This is prompting those same users to ask if maybe its time to change the rules.

"It seems like we're closing the park a little early anymore. I think they close about mid-October. And with this great weather we're been having. We've had a couple light snows, but why can't we leave the parking lot open."

Benton says the goal is to gather input on the frequency and type of winter use and present that to Natrona County Commissioners and the Parks Department for consideration.




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