Casper police issued a citation for careless driving to the driver of a pickup that apparently lost control while on K Street, jumped a curb, went through a fence and crashed into the corner of a house at St. John Street Thursday night, an officer said.

"There was nobody inside the residence, minor injuries reported on scene, and everybody walked away," Mitch Hill said.

The incident happened about 8 p.m.

Witnesses told police the pickup was traveling between 25 mph and 40 mph, Hill said.

He identified the driver and passengers only as three juveniles.

The crash severed a fuel line on the pickup, and firefighters spread material to absorb the gasoline.

The collision crunched the front end of the pickup, which apparently lost some parts.

One firefighter called to others working in the yard of the house, "you guys got a drive shaft up there by chance?"

At least two fire units, two police units and a Wyoming Medical Center ambulance responded to the scene, Hill said.

According to a news release from Casper Fire-EMS, the collision about 8 p.m. dislodged a water heater in the house, which separated it from water and gas lines. Firefighters shut off the gas supply and ventilated the natural gas that had accumulated inside.

Firefighters used a chainsaw to cut up a tree that had been upended during the crash.

Hill said a mechanical failure on the pickup truck may have contributed to the crash, but the case remains under investigation.