Branding season in Wyoming can stretch anywhere from the latter part of April through the middle weeks of June. These events are usually well thought out with neighbors, family and friends coming together to get things done in quick order. Occasionally a quick call for reinforcements is needed.

Got a text from my buddy Jhett Johnson that said,

We're branding tomorrow. Be at Mom and Dads at 7AM.

Well, we all know that I am usually a little busy at 7AM on a Tuesday and with little notice, that isn't going to change. However by moving a few things around,I got out of the office around 11:30, grabbed my grand-nephews Ian and Lyric and headed out to the branding.

As is usually my modus operandi, we showed up just in time for lunch. If you have never been to a branding you would have no idea how good" branding food" is. It is always hearty, there is always plenty of it and the dessert table holds more dishes than the main table.

Quick work was made of lunch and the group was anxious to get to branding. The sorting had been done in the morning so we all went straight to work at the corrals. Thanks to Jodene Johnson the nephews were in good hands and set to marking the cows in between branding, dehorning, vaccinating and castrating. Was quite the experience for the boys and quite a conversation on the ride home about what the whole castration thing was.

Yeah even I got dirty and tackled a few calves myself when the need arose, but spent most of my time taking pictures to share the experience. My thanks go to the Johnson Family for their hospitality and allowing us to interrupt their work for a little fun. I hope you enjoy.