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Casper has given rise to a myriad of delectable food trucks over the last couple of years but, for our money, none were as scrumptious as Boomtown BBQ.

Unfortunately, Boomtown BBQ announced on Saturday that it will be closing.

"Well Barbecue family we must announce some sad news," the owners wrote in a social media post. "We have decided to temporarily close Boomtown BBQ. We are grateful for those who allowed us to be part of their most special days. We will miss seeing everyone at the festivities this summer. This won’t be the end of us, but it is what’s best for our family at this time. We will be selling our trailer and contents and moving on to something different in the future. Again thank you all for your support. Best wishes!!"

And so, art is dead and nothing matters.

Boomtown BBQ was a mainstay of events in Downtown Casper, serving up a ton of BBQ favorites, including brisket, ribs, mac and cheese, pulled pork, and more. It was the highlight of many a downtown block party and its presence will be deeply felt in the coming months.

We hope this isn't goodbye forever; just goodbye for now. But even if it is, the owners of this food truck should be proud of what they accomplished. The food they cooked was great, the impressions they left were powerful, and the smiles they created were real. Thank you, Nichole and Dillon. Thank you for bringing the best very best BBQ to Casper. You will be missed.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go hate-eat a pint of HQ BBQ Mac and Cheese as we cry into our cornbread.

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