UPDATE: The Wyoming Highway Patrol tells K2 Radio news that the accident appears to be a case of failure to yield the right-of-way.

The driver of the small SUV was pointed east on Wyoming Boulevard, and preparing to turn left onto McKinley Street.

The motorcycle was headed west on Wyoming, and the SUV driver told officers she simply didn't see him.

The rider was thrown from the bike and sustained serious leg injuries. He was reported in surgery last night, but his condition is not known at the moment.

The female driver of the truck submitted to a blood test, and alcohol and drugs are not thought to have played a part in the accident.

No names have been released.


A serious accident happened on Friday evening at the corner of Wyoming Boulevard and McKinley Street.

There are no details known yet, but a motorcycle collided with a small SUV and was thrown in the a ditch that runs alongside Wyoming Blvd and in front of a church.

One witness said the driver of the SUV was turning when she hit the motorcyclist. She described him as being thrown several feet from the bike.

The rider was seriously injured and taken to Wyoming Medical Center, but his condition is unknown. Wyoming Highway Patrol officers were still conducting the investigation and were not available for details.

It appears the driver of the small sport ute was not badly injured.

In the video below, the twisted motorcycle is seen in the foreground in a ditch.