DETROIT (AP) — U.S. car buyers stepped on the brakes in March, as the industry's blistering sales paces was cooled by a lingering winter.

General Motors' sales fell 2 percent and Ford and Nissan both saw 3 percent declines compared with last March. Honda's sales were down 5 percent.

However, not everyone saw declines. Toyota says its sales were up 5 percent compared, while FCA — the parent of Chrysler and Fiat — says its U.S. sales rose 2 percent.

The March figures are low in comparison with January's 14 percent year-over-year increase and even the 5 percent gain in February.

Analysts point to several contributing factors. Last March saw a surge in sales after an unusually cold February; while this year snow lingered into March and the month had one less weekend than last year.

Analysts say sales remain on track to reach 17 million this year, but the pace is expected to slow as sales reach that historic peak.