Lindsay Patterson, the Surface Water Quality Standards Coordinator at the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) was recently recognized by the Association of Clean Water Administrators (ACWA), according to a WDEQ press release.

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Lindsay was selected for the ACWA Emerging Leader Award for 2022 and was presented a plaque on August 3 at the ACWA annual meeting in Memphis, Tennessee.

“She cares deeply about the work she does and her role as a public servant. She sets high standards and inspires others to do the same. These are attributes a leader needs, and Lindsay exemplifies them.”

Julia Anastasio, Executive Director and General Counsel for the ACWA, wrote in a letter to Lindsay announcing the decision that the Emerging Leader Award is given to members who have demonstrated notable leadership or contributions to the work of an ACWA committee, task force, and/or workgroup, and show potential for future leadership in the Association.


Since August of 2021, Lindsay has served as the co-chair for the ACWA’s Monitoring, Standards, and Assessment Committee.  “Your service and dedication to the environment and to water quality is greatly appreciated,” wrote Anastasio.


Lindsay’s involvement with ACWA is not surprising. It adds to what has been years of work and education that represent her deep commitment to the environment and water quality in Wyoming.


Founded in 1961, the ACWA is a national, nonpartisan professional organization. Its members are the State, Interstate and Territorial officials who are responsible for the implementation of surface water protection programs throughout the nation. Serving as a liaison among these officials, the ACWA also facilitates their communication with the Federal government and promotes public education in order to lead the way in creating and realizing a vision for clean water in America.


“Serving as co-chair on the ACWA Monitoring, Standards, and Assessment Committee gives Wyoming a stronger voice in establishing national water quality policy,” stated Lindsay.


“Being at the table is critical. Participating in meetings and discussions through ACWA provides Wyoming a unique opportunity to represent our interests and work with other states to help craft development of regulations, guidance, and other tools that facilitate implementation of the Clean Water Act. It is very rewarding to help Wyoming and other states address challenges and issues related to surface water quality.”


Lindsay holds a Master’s degree in Ecology from Colorado State University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology from Colgate University, and also completed a one-year environmental education teaching program with Teton Science Schools in Grand Teton National Park.


Presently, she oversees development of Wyoming’s Surface Water Quality Standards, coordinates Wyoming’s efforts to address nutrient pollution, and works with staff and partners to implement Wyoming’s harmful cyanobacterial bloom program. Lindsay also works with WDEQ staff to ensure that projects protect water quality by providing feedback on analyses such as those required under the National Environmental Policy Act.


Prior to her current position, Lindsay worked with WDEQ’s surface water monitoring program in Sheridan and as a Watershed Specialist for Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyoming.


Jennifer Zygmunt, Administrator of WDEQ’s Water Quality Division, was thrilled to receive the news that Lindsay was selected to receive the ACWA Emerging Leader award.  “Lindsay has been a strong role- model in our Division,” stated Zygmunt.


“She cares deeply about the work she does and her role as a public servant. She sets high standards and inspires others to do the same. These are attributes a leader needs, and Lindsay exemplifies them,” Zygmunt said. “We are so pleased to see her recognized nationally.”

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