Police arrested two people on Monday after dispatch received a hang-up 911 call and heard a child's voice before the caller hung up.

The call resulted in the arrests of 25-year-old Jessie Frausto and 31-year-old Summer Rose Otero.

Charging documents say the 911 call was received at about 9:30 a.m. Monday, and an officer was dispatched to a home on South Kenwood Street for a welfare check.

As he drove to the home, the officer learned from dispatch that a second 911 call was received from the same number. The caller hung up again.

Upon arriving at the home, the officer found "a litany" of children's toys in the front yard, and the front door open. The officer could smell marijuana coming from inside the home.

Otero was sitting on a sofa outside on the porch. She reportedly identified herself using another name, and was sitting next to a small child who was wearing pajamas.

A man walked outside the home and identified himself as the homeowner, Joseph Ramirez Jr. He told the officer that his daughter had been playing games with his phone and called 911.

The officer checked on the child and didn't find any reason to alert paramedics. As the officer spoke with Ramirez, several men reportedly exited the home. One of those men, later identified as Frausto, exhibited signs of being under the influence of marijuana.

The officer told Ramirez about the smell of marijuana, to which Ramirez responded, "There isn't anything in my house." Ramirez reportedly refused a consensual search of his home, so the officer radioed for additional police officers before going to get a search warrant.

With the warrant in hand, the officer returned and started a search of the home shortly after 11 a.m. In a bedroom was a black backpack allegedly containing Otero's driver's license and social security card, as well as a bag containing 11 grams of marijuana.

In another bedroom, police allegedly found a suitcase containing Otero's prescription bottle. The bag also contained a used syringe, next to feminine beauty products.

Police, in a third bedroom, found another black backpack with a prescription bottle of hydrocodone, along with Frausto's driver's license. In the large zipper pocket of the backpack, an officer found three individually-wrapped plastic baggies of marijuana, a scale and two pipes.

The marijuana Frausto is accused of possessing weighed just over 56 grams in total.

An officer spoke with Otero, who admitted to not giving police her true name because a warrant was out for her arrest. She allegedly admitted to possessing the marijuana -- which she said she used for back pain -- and the syringe.

Otero was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and interference with a peace officer.

Frausto was booked on a charge of possession of marijuana.

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