Animal Control of Cheyenne, Wyoming recently announced that they've rescued more than 80 animals from the unsafe living conditions of a Wyoming owner.

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According to a press release from Cheyenne Animal Control, officers received a call on April 16 regarding 20 large breed dogs that were on the loose in Cheyenne.

When officers arrived on the scene, they located approximately two dozen different dogs, spread throughout an open field.

"With the help of community members, the City's Compliance department, and the Laramie County Sheriff's department the Animal Control officers were able to contain and transport 23 large breed dogs to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and a handful more over the next few days," the press release stated. "Upon contacting the dog owner, Animal Control quickly became aware of the gravity of the situation the dogs and their owner were in. The owner accepted an offer to surrender all animals so they could receive medical care and more adequate housing."

Animal Control stated that on April 22, they received and transported 13 birds to the shelter as well.

"In total, Animal Control officers rescued 64 dogs, a handful of cats, and 13 miscellaneous birds.

The city of Cheyenne stated that with the help of the community, Animal Control officers, assisting agencies, and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, all animals are now available to be adopted by new homes.

For more information about Animal Control in Cheyenne and Laramie, or to consider adopting one of the animals, you can visit their website. 

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