There have been some pretty epic senior pranks over the years here in Casper, but this takes things to a different level.

For the Natrona County High School senior prank, the students enlisted the help of The Michael Houck Real Estate Team to post a realistic, but hilarious FAKE real estate listing, stating the school was available for sale. The video really does make the listing appear more like a mansion than a school.

The caption (for the safety of people that didn't know it was a prank), states:

New Listing! Just kidding..

Make an Offer

930 S Elm St
200+ Bed
30+ Bath
2 Atriums
Built in 1924
2 Football Fields
Haunted Auditorium
Swimming Pool Coming Soon
CONGRATS CLASS OF 2021!!!!!!!!
more info:

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Honestly, the giant for sale sign draped high across NCHS was already enough to make this prank epic, but the actual faux video listing AND the fact an actual local, reputable, real estate agency jumped on board to help out makes this one for the history books.

Well played, Class of 2021.

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