A Natrona County Circuit Court Judge could do nothing Friday to alter a stunning $2 million bond required by a fugitive warrant from the San Diego Sheriff's Office for a Casper resident.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office took Isaiah Nathaniel Jaime, 27, into custody after he was was identified on the FBI's National Crime Information Center database for allegedly having sex with a child under 10, according to court documents.

During his initial appearance in circuit court on Friday, Jaime looked incredulous when reading the paperwork saying the charges were not true.

Circuit Court Judge Brian Christensen told him to not talk about the case, adding that his guilt or innocence would be dealt with in California.

Jaime also was confused about how to respond to the warrant.

Christensen advised him that he could either waive the warrant and be returned to California, or contest the fugitive warrant which would require Wyoming authorities to prove he was who California claimed he was.

Most amazing to him was the request from the San Diego County Shriff's Office that his bond be set at $2 million.

Jaime asked if he could get a court-appointed attorney and also asked if the bond could be reduced.

Christensen responded Jaime could hire an attorney, but the San Diego Sheriff's Office ordered the bond and the judge could do nothing to change that.

The stunned and speechless Jaime sat down.