So, you’re ready to saddle up and head out West for Cheyenne Frontier Days? You have your fancy Cowboy hat that you bought at Macy’s or some upscale store, along with a chic western shirt and $1,000 boots. You’re ready to fit in now with the locals, right? You get into town and everyone looks similar to you, with Cowboy hats in tow. You did it!  

You start to notice that Cheyenne is pretty cool. The west just really FITS YOU. You’re laying in your King-sized hotel room, scrolling through Zillow to just check the prices on homes in the Cowboy State. You’re just looking, nothing serious, but you know you fit in, with your new hat and everything. So, why not? “Why not tell all my friends to move with me, too? Kanye lives here! So does Harrison Ford!” You start to fade out into dreams of exploring Wyoming with Indiana Jones. It’s amazing. “I need to think seriously about those homes on Zillow”, you think to yourself midsleep.  

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I’ve got bad news for you. You don’t want to live here. I know your hat is cool and so is Harrison Ford. This isn’t the place for you, there are too many things you’ve gotten accustomed to in your big City Slicker life that won’t compute for you. Don’t worry, I’ve gone a step ahead for you, and pulled all the reasons you’ll want to get back on that plane. Check it out, you’ll see, Wyoming is not for you.  

10 Reason To Not Move To Wyoming After You Fall In Love With Cheyenne Frontier Days

10 Cheyenne Frontier Days Souvenirs Found on eBay

2021 is the 125th annual Cheyenne Frontier Days. It's crazy when you stop to think about it that means the Daddy of 'Em All has been around longer than the internet, sliced bread, and cars!

Over that century-plus of Old West celebrations, millions of people have visited Cheyenne, Wyoming. Many of the people took home souvenirs of their days cheering on the rodeo participants and exploring Wyoming.

Many years later those souvenirs have made their way onto the online auction site eBay. Collectors from around the world are reading bits and pieces of Cheyenne's history of tourism. Here are a few of the treasures we found recently.

LOOK: VIntage Postcards Showing-Off Cheyenne Frontier Days Through the Years

Postcards have been a thing since the mid-1800s. Sending pictures and short messages on card-stock paper to friends and families really took off in the first half of the 20th century. While not quite as popular today, they still exist, and collecting postcards even has a special name, Deltiology.

Postcards were made for a lot of things, like vacation destinations and events. Cheyenne Frontier Days was the source of many. On the auction site eBay we found a lot of vintage postcards with fascinating pictures of Cheyenne and the Daddy of 'Em All.

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