A Casper man will be spending time behind bars after admitting to his second assault case, in less than a year.

Zachary Fuhrer has pleaded guilty to one charge of aggravated assault and battery.

Witnesses told Casper Police that in early February, Fuhrer and the victim got into a fight.

When officers examined the victim, they determined that he had an injury on his brow that appeared to caused by a sharp object or a knife.

A couple of days later, Fuhrer visited with police, under the advisement of his probation officer.

At the time, he was serving probation for an unrelated aggravated assault and battery charge, that he pleaded guilty to last year, and has since had his probation revoked.

As part of a plea bargain for the new charge, prosecutors will seek no more than a three-and-one-half to five-and-one-half year prison sentence for Fuhrer, which will be handed down at a later date, and would be served concurrently with a prison sentence from the probation revocation.