Is there a monster loose on Casper Mountain? A viral TikTok video from Isaiah_harris_333 has captured an image of something strange and creepy. They had captured some dramatic images, but what exactly did they find? Some are calling it the Casper Mountain Crawler.

In the video, Isaiah and his cousin look to be in the Garden Creek Falls area. You can hear water running and they are on a bridge. They hear something strange and then wander off the path towards it. As they creep down the incline you can see the pipe where the encounter happens. The creature growls an eerie sound as they get close. The camera gets a quick glimpse of something then the footage ends as they run away.

You can only see the creature for a moment. This has caused a lot of skeptics to question the video. Isaiah enhanced the photo to show the humanoid shape. He explains that his camera stopped recording because Snapchat ran out of time for the video. Plus he was frightened and was more concerned about his life than the shot.

"Whenever I recorded," Isaiah said in a TikTok video, "whatever I recorded, I wasn't going to sit there and recorded it because I was running for my life. Okay, and I'm not trying to be funny about this. Literally, I was puking."

He stressed this was not a friend hiding in the tunnel. The fear captured in this video was real, and he believed he encountered a monster. What do you think he found up on Casper Mountain?

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